bucketTaking your average shovel, bucket, and spoon, Lithuanian-based artist Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė embroiders them with detailed cross stitch designs. She often adorns these items using conventional floral motifs, and combines the decorative art with the practical everyday object  (view some of her previous work). Most of the time, however, this renders its usefulness obsolete.

Severija’s work is cognizant of the history surrounding craft in her country. In an essay about her embroidery, Dr. Jurgita Ludavičienė writes:

Employing irony, Severija conceptually neutralizes the harmfulness of kitsch’s sweetness and sentimentality. Irony emerges in the process of drawing inspiration from the postwar Lithuanian village, with which artists have lost connection today, or from the destitute Soviet domestic environment, which women were trying to embellish with handicrafts, no matter what kind of absurd forms it would take. The intimacy of indoors freed from all tensions is the essence of coziness, that is crystallized in Severija’s works as cross stitch embroidery on various household utensils not intended for it.

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Míralo: El Mejor Comercial en el Super Bowl 2014 Watch: The Best Commercial from the Super Bowl


El Mejor Comercial de la Noche del Super Bowl : GoldieBlox!

Goldie Blox es una compañía de la que he oído hablar desde hace un tiempo. Debbie Sterling, egresada de Stanford University con una licenciatura en Ingeniería Mecánica/Diseño de Productos, decidió que era inaceptable el hecho de que hubieran tan pocas mujeres en su facultad. Así que decidió crear Goldie Blox, una companía de juguetes que se especializa en crear juguetes para niñas que van más allá de las princesas, las muñecas bebe, Barbie y, especialmente, todo ese nauseabundo código de género rosa. 

Míralo aquí

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Best commercial from last night’s Super Bowl: GoldieBlox!

GoldieBlox is a company I’ve been hearing from a while now. Debbie Sterling, a graduate from Stanford University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering/Product Design, decided that it was not acceptable how few women were in her program. She founded Goldie Blox, a toy company invested in creating toys for girls that go beyond the princesses, baby dolls, Barbie and, especially, all that nauseating pink gender code. 

Watch it, here.

Check out their website 

Bastante oportuno para la mañana de hoy.
Incredibly accurate, as of today.

"Perfect Storm"
: Cover illustration for / Ilustración para la portada de The New Yorker by / por SVA alumnus Tomer Hanuka

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